1. Search for a Product

This can be done from any page on the site. Simply click on the 'wish' button in the navigation bar and start searching for the products you have always dreamed of.

2. Add a Product to your Wishlist

Search through the results for the product that you want. Then, hit the 'Add To Wishlist' button to get started. The next page will help you set up the different options for your wish and place into a wishlist.

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3. Share your Wishlist

How will you get your wishes granted if no one knows about them!? Sharing your wishlist to your friends and family is a very important step that will ensure that your wishes will come true!

4. Share on Social Media

The fastest way to get your wishlist out there is by sharing on social media! Share individual wishes as you add them or share the whole wishlist so that they see them all!

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5. Give Gifts to Friends and Family

Buying gifts for your friends and family couldn't get easier! And the best part, they are recieving exactly what they really want!

6. Get Gifts through Crowd-funding

Crowd-funding is when people pitch in smaller amounts that will add up to getting you a big ticket item. If your friends and family all pitch just a little, you'll have that great gift in no time!

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Create a wish list of all the things you wish you had and assign the wishes to special events (birthday, Christmas, anniversary, …)

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Share it, tweet it, email it, pin it. Let all your friends know about your wish list, if they don’t know what your are wishing for then how will they help make your wishes come true?

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Help your friends and family make their wishes come true. Contribute as much as you like to a wish or multiple wishes!

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Check out our Gift Blog!

Gift Guide: For Foodies

December 5, 2014, 12:07 pm

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  1. Welcome to YourWishFromMe

    Yourwishfromme.com is a revolutionary service that wants to change the way you give and receive gifts.

    Yourwishfromme.com allows you to create unlimited wish lists, share them with your friends, family, and followers, and utilizes crowd funding to create a social shopping and gifting experience.

  2. Wishing With YourWishFromMe

    We make it easy to add whatever you want to your wishlists. You can use our search portal or browse our curated list of products to look for some of the hottest products. In one click, you can "Add To Wishlist". All you have to do is register for an account!

    Here are some of our main features:

  3. Making Your First Wish

    Click here to get started!

  4. Giving With YourWishFromMe

    YourWishFromMe uses crowdfunding to help make sure that all your wishes come true -- no matter how expensive they may be! Crowdfunding is a method of buying in which multiple people can contribute to one common goal.

    Here's some more information about paying with YourWishFromMe:

    • Crowdfunding allows multiple people to contribute to the same goal to make it more likely that your wish will come true.
    • Buying gifts is free for the wisher and the giver. We add 5% on top of the product price to cover transaction fees.
    • Joining YourWishFromMe is 100% free and you don't need an account to give.
    • Givers can donate any amount from $5 to the total amount of the wish!
    • For even more flexibility, once an amount has been added to a wish, it can be transferred to any wish on your wishlist, giving you more control of which wishes get funded!
    • We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and PayPal to help you pay safely and securely.
  5. Giving Your First Gift

    Click here to get started!

  6. Sharing With YourWishFromMe

    At YourWishFromMe, we want to change the way that you give and recieve gifts and a central part of that is connecting with your favorite social networks to help get your wishes out there!

    Here's a quick overview of what YourWishFromMe does:

    • Connects your wish lists with your social media accounts to help you broadcast the gifts you personally desire or charities you would like to support.
    • Makes gift giving fun! No guess work, no hurt feelings. People know exactly what you want and it makes them happy to contribute to obtaining what your heart desires!
    • Allows friends and family to either purchase the gift in full or contribute towards the gift.
    • Handles the money collection and shipping. Once the purchase price of an item is fully collected, yourwishfromme.com orders the gift and the distributor ships the gift directly to you! No need to give out your personal address to the public!
    • Simplifies the thank you process. Once you receive your wish, we help you share your thoughts, photographs, and videos to show your gratitude to everyone who contributed!
  7. Stop #2

    It works as a modal too!